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Criteria for providing the benefit of Reservation to special Backward Classes IN B.ED 2013-14 SESSION

Criteria for providing the benefit of Reservation to special Backward Classes and
Economically Backward persons in the General Caste Category
The 23rd January, 2013
No. 60 SW (1)-2013 The Governor of Haryana is pleased to provide 10% reservation in jobs under
Government/Government Undertakings and Local Bodies as well as in educational institutions for
Economically Backward Persons in the General Caste’s Category of the State. The Criteria for
consideration as economically backward will be as under:-

(a) Head of Family and his/her spouse;
(b) Dependent children and their spouses;
(c) Unmarried dependent brothers and sisters.
(ii) The total annual income of the family of the applicant should not cumulatively exceed
Rs. 2, 50,000/- per annum from all sources including agricultural income.
(iii) In case any person in the family, as described in (i) above, is income-tax/wealth tax
payee, benefit of reservation shall not be extended.
(iv) Applicant or family as described in (i) above should not be in Class-I/Class-II services of
Government of India or State Government level or equivalent or hold any equivalent
post in any statutory board/corporation/university/society/trust or an equivalent
position in any public/private limited company or in any international organization.
Family shall be deemed to be in service as mentioned above when a person in family has
superannuated and/or has sought voluntary retirement or has been
dismissed/terminated/compulsory retired from such service.
(v) In case, family as described in (i) above, is engaged in a profession as doctor, lawyer
chartered accountant, income tax consultant, financial or management consultant,
engineer, architect, computer specialist, firm/TV artist, playwright, author, model,
media personnel or holds any elected/appointed office either under the Constitution or
in terms of any statue out of which emolument/salary is paid, criteria of income as
described in (ii) above shall be applicable.
(vi) Family, as described above, should not be employed in any Military or Para-Military
services with Union of India in the rank of ‘Second Lieutenant’ or above in the Army or
any equivalent rank in other forces or Para-Military forces. 18
2. Reservation for economically backward persons shall be vertical and not horizontal.
3. The person who claims benefit of reservation under other categories shall not be
entitled in this category.  Sd/-
Dated, Chandigarh the 23.01.2013 Principal Secretary to Govt. Haryana
Welfare of Scheduled Castes and
Backward Classes Department
Note: The Candidate must produce a Certificate of 'The total annual income of the
family* from all sources including Agriculture income' from the organization where
parents are working or affidavit of income on stamp paper from notary that annual
income of the family* is not cumulatively exceed Rs. 2.50 lacs. from all sources
including Agriculture income'.
(C)  Guidelines for Reservation:
The Reservation of seats is as per the Reservation Policy of the Haryana Govt. and is
subject to any change/amendment made by the State Govt. from time to time.
All the eligible candidates whether from Haryana or from Reserved Categories shall also
compete for seats allocated under All India Category.
All eligible candidates of reserved categories shall be considered first for Haryana Open
Category seats.
If a candidate of  Haryana Open, SC and BC category also apply for  Persons with
Disabilities/ ESM/DFF category will be considered first for  Haryana Open, SC and BC
If the reserved seat(s) of BC Block-A remain vacant, these will be filled up from BC
Block-B and vice-versa.
Benefit of reservation will be given to all the reserved categories upto Final List according
to the reservation policy given in the Prospectus. In case at the time of display of Final List
the reserved seats of various categories other than S.C. category, remain vacant and no
eligible candidates of the reserved categories are available, these vacant seats will be filled
up on open merit basis at the time of Final List. The vacant seats of SC category will not be
Candidates claiming reservation under Scheduled Caste will submit the certificate as per
Annexure-V, the  Backward Class (Block A & B) will the submit the certificate on the
prescribed proforma as per Annexure-VI and an affidavit shall be furnished  by the
candidate/both by the father and mother of the candidate as per Annexure VII, that he/she is
not covered under the criteria of Creamy Layer.  Candidates claiming reservation under
Special Backward Class and Economically Backward Persons in the Genaral Caste
Category will submit the certificate as per Annexure-VI-A and VI-B, respectively.
Only those candidates having a permanent disability of not less than 40% (being otherwise
fit for admission to the course) will be considered for admission. Persons with Disabilities
will have to produce the Disability Certificate issued by the Chief Medical Officer of the
concerned District. However, the certificate shall be subject to verification by a Medical
Board constituted by the university for the purpose. The decision of the Board shall be
final. Persons with Disabilities candidates belonging to Haryana are required to submit the
certificate as per Annexure-VIII. However, Medical Certificate already issued  by  the
Competent Authority will also be considered.
Children & Grand-Children of Freedom Fighters of Haryana are required to submit a
certificate from the Deputy Commissioner of the concerned District as per Annexure-IX at
the time of admission.19
Wards of Ex-Servicemen of Haryana are required to submit the certificate as per AnnexureX.
For the horizontal reservation, candidates of  Haryana Open, S.C., B.C.  and Spl. BC
categories will also have to furnish E.S.M. /D.F.F. certificate.
Candidates who have passed their qualifying examination from a University in the State of
Haryana will be deemed to be Haryana residents and will not be required to submit
certificate of Bonafide residents of Haryana.
Reservation policy is not applicable on Private Educational Institutions (SELF
FINANCING SCHEME Colleges) which receive no aid from the State irrespective of
the mode of Examination i.e. either by themselves or by Nodal Authority vide Memo
No. 18/170-07 UNP(4) dated 27.8.2007 from Commissioner and Secretary to
Government Haryana, Education Department, Chandigarh.
A person belonging to the General Category married to a person belonging to the
Scheduled Caste or Backward Classes, he/ she shall not be entitled to the benefit of
reservation vide. Letter No. 22/57/2007-3GS-III dated 6/9/2007 from the Chief Secretary to
Govt., Haryana.
As per orders passed by the Hon’ble Punjab & Haryana High Court  in LPA 98/2013,
Ishwar Singh v/s KUK & ORS, preference will be given to the Ex-Servicemen first as
before giving admission to the wards as well as to give the admission to the Appellant in
B.Ed. course for the session 2013-14 against Ex-Servicemen quota in University College of
Education, K.U. Kurukshetra.

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